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Corporate Law

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Services to the Legal Entity that cover from Creation / Constitution such as Amendments, Transfers of Shares, Corporate Restructuring, Merger Incorporation, Spin-off, Closing, among others.

A correct and effective corporate structuring to minimize risks and litigation.

Our services serve the Micro, Small and Medium Companies, National and International. 

Our office offers a range of services that added to the tax know-how allows solutions that maximize the business and minimize taxes, without causing legal offenses. 

The experience of the Founding Member in 20 years of acting as an Accountant, added to the Office the practical experience of carrying out several projects in several segments for a Corporate Planning added to Tax Planning. 

We highlight a phrase by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations: “It is not from the benevolence of the baker of the butcher or of the brewer that we expect him to go out at our dinner, but rather from the effort he has in promoting his interest”. Contact us

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