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Family law and inheritance is an area of ​​law that often tends to cause great emotional conflict, but it is also an extremely dynamic branch of law that shapes social change.

Nowadays mediation has contributed a great deal to avoiding the judicial conflict because it provides a satisfactory result to all involved without the emotional exhaustion of the conflict.

Certainly there are cases where conflict is inevitable, and the judicial means becomes necessary to safeguard Rights.

At this moment, it is important that the emotional exhaustion does not transmit the judicial channels, so that the Judge holds the information of the right discussed and apply the rule to the case and not to the conflict, thus ensuring that each party receives what is law.

Among many of the services we provide in the area of ​​family and successions such as Guard (Shared and Unilateral) Visitor Regulations, Food, Paternity Investigation, Stable Marriage, Homoafetive Union, Marriage Pledges, Separation, Divorce, Inventory, Grandparent Visitation Rights , also includes, socio-affective Parenting, that based on the principle of affectivity.Maternity / Paternity socioafetifa establishes the relation of kinship based on extra facts to the genetic relation. Affection, Coexistence, Knowledge of third parties regarding the position adopted in the relationship, all of these factors being added to the will of the parties, are conducive to the recognition of Socio-Affective Parenting. Contact-us

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