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Direito Tributário JPGomes Advocacia 

Brazil has a diversity of taxes at the Municipal, State and Federal level, making tax planning and preventive consulting increasingly important to avoid the incorrect payment of taxes, either in excess or less than due. 

The tribute is an obligation, created by law, imposing on individuals the duty to deliver part of their income and assets for the maintenance and development of the State, after all we live in society and the State must represent it by becoming present in the areas of interest of this, especially health, education, security, economic policy, among others. 

The fact that the Tribute is an obligation, does not mean that every tax required must be paid, since the State, in the search to increase tax collection, sometimes imposes unlawful taxes, which requires special attention not to pay taxes not be charged for undue taxes, and even if there is undue payment, it is possible to recover the taxes paid incorrectly. 

Our Office offers assistance to individuals and legal entities in an advisory, administrative and judicial defense. We present a broad vision of alternatives for Municipal, State and Federal taxes, which will surely allow both Individuals and Individuals the option of a solution that will meet their needs. 

Our services include assistance in obtaining installments, recovery of incorrectly paid taxes, tax review, tax planning, tax execution, and a full range of services to meet the needs of our customers. 

We serve National and International clients, Individuals or Legal entities, Micro and Small, Medium and Large companies opting for or not by the Simple Tax Payment. Contact us

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